Tag: Seat of the Nine


  • Damia Armand

    Has a very open disdain for Mages and magic in general and has been mostly known for her mostly ineffective attempts at banning the use of all magic within the city of Dunhurst.

  • Dolmun Thunderson

    Though his hatred for the surface dwarves that live throughout the town is quite obvious he often fumbles over his words when dealing with matters involving them... or anything really. This becomes increasingly problematic if attempting to discern the …

  • Bramiggs the Ham

    Both one of the most Influential along with one of the ugliest members of Dunhurst society. Despite being quiet decrepit from both his elderly age and the amount of unhealthy substances he consumes on a daily basis he holds more power then most people. He …

  • Liadi Chaeralaei

    Having come from the Storm Isles a very successful captain, leading many ships, Liadi is not only the a member of the Seat of the Nine but also commander of the Dunhurst navy.

  • Sala Quickstep

    Can often be found in any of the numerous tavern's across town. Sala compulsively gambles away every single coin she ever lays her hands on. Despite this any halfling household would gladly give her a home to stay in. Even with her crippling addiction …

  • Malmus

    Malmus along with his position on the Seat of the Nine is also the master architect of Dunhurst and the one most often besieged by the constant attention a city of this grand size requires.